West and Midlands Iris Group
Virtual Show 2021

Welcome to our Second Virtual Show and thank you all for taking the time to send in such an interesting range of entries.

You can view the different classes using the buttons below. If you want to see an individual picture, then click on it and return to the class page by using the browser's back button. A few additional entries were sent for display - these are not to be judged - they are just for our enjoyment.

 Bearded Class
 Beardless Class
 Species Class
 Garden View Class
 Creative Class
 Display entries

Voting has now been completed and the winners are:-
Class 1 (Bearded) - First: 57 Karen Saunders 'Daughter of Stars'
Class 2 (Beardless) - Joint First:
   50 Judi Deakin Iris chrysographes 'Black Magic'
   57 Judi Deakin PCI seedling
Class 3 (Species) - Joint First:
   51 Judi Deakin Iris paradoxa x acutiloba ssp lineolata
   70 Brenda Nickels Iris schactii
Class 4 (Garden Setting) - First: 51 Sue Phair
Class 5 (Artistic or Creative) - Joint First:
   66 Brenda Nickels Iris magnifica beard
   71 Brenda Nickels Holding hands

West & Midlands Iris Group Virtual Show 2021 -Rules

1. Send your images, indicating which class you are entering to info@westandmidlandsirisgroup.org.uk

2. There are five classes:
•Class 1. Bearded iris
•Class 2. Beardless iris or Iridaceae
•Class 3. Species iris
•Class 4.Iridaceae in a garden setting
•Class 5. An abstract/creative photo of an iris or Iridaceae. e.g. Just the beard.
We are limiting the number of entries to three in each class.

3. They will be numbered, so it is anonymous and will be added to our website -www.westandmidlandsirisgroup.org.uk

4. Irises can be photographed from now on with a cut-off date of the 14th June. Please send your images between 1st and the 14th June.Theimage should encompass the whole of the flowerspikeand to be fairer to all, we would prefer that you didn't use photoshop. It would also be helpful to have the name of the iris, that is if you know it!

5. After this date, we will be asking members to vote for their favourite in each class. Votes will be counted and a small prize will be awarded for each class and we will feature the winning entries in our Newsletter. We would also like to use any photos which are submitted for publicity purposes, eg Newsletters or for Facebook, so please say if you are not happy with that.

6. In the event of any tie, Ian our Show Secretary will have the casting vote!